MaskHayon Elephant
  • MaskHayon Elephant
  • MaskHayon Elephant
  • MaskHayon Elephant
  • MaskHayon Elephant
  • MaskHayon Elephant
  • MaskHayon Elephant

MaskHayon Elephant


Ceramic MaskHayon Elephant designed by Jaime Hayon and made by the craftsmen of Italian Bosa. For MaskHayon Jaime Hayón was inspired by his own world and by his own recognizable iconography which he cultivated during his last 12 years of work. The masks represent the fusion of imaginary and animal characters. They have endearing shapes, pieces of art to hang on the wall and decorate our environment. They are unique sculptures that transport us to a distant place, they remind him of Africa, tribes and their imagination and magic. Living cultures that have impressed him and he wanted to reinterpret their spirit with his vision and with the hand of Bosa have become wonderful sculptures of an outstanding quality.


  • Colour:

    White and gold 

  • Material:


  • Dimension:

    Elephant small: 25,5 x h.35 cm and Elephant large: 32,5 x h.45 cm 

  • Brand:


  • Designer:

    Jaime Hayón  

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Elephant mask: small: 25,5 x h.35 cm