Tablecloth Flax


Tablecloth Flax by Christien Meindertsma for Thomas Eyck. In March 2010 farmer Gert Jan van Dongen sowed flax seeds in Flevoland, the Netherlands. The seeds grew into plants and were harvested in the end of the summer of 2010. The flax was processed further in Belgium, Hungary and is finally woven in the Dutch Textile museum. The labels on the linen show in which country the flax was harvested, scutched, heckled, spun, warfed, woven and sewn. Also a label shows the name of the farmer and lot number (GZ 59-west). The pattern on the linen is an aerial view made of the lot. Flax is a material which used to be one of the most important textile fibres in the Netherlands, it was grown and processed into all kinds of textiles. Nowadays flax is farmed in much smaller quantities and is mainly shipped to China to be processed further. With the Flax Project Meindertsma aims to make a series of products from flax that are produced locally. From the seed to the end product. The napkins are seperate available.


  • Colour:

    Brown grey 

  • Material:

    100% linen. Washable at 40 degrees, when washing 5% shrinkage. 

  • Dimension:

    170 x 240 cm.  

  • Brand:

    Thomas Eyck  

  • Designer:

    Christien Meindertsma  

Delivery time and shipping costs 

1-2 weeks

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  • € 206,- (tax incl.)