WATERWORKS basic set


Water dripper WATERWORKS basic set by Thomas Linssen and Jana Flohr from House of Thol. See below the video of their (finished) crowdfunding campaign. WATERWORKS is a hydration system that makes caring for your plants incredibly easy. A set consists of a partly glazed terra-cotta cone and a glass bulb with cork stopper.  Because of the porous nature of the terra-cotta, water will slowly seep through the walls of the cone into the soil. For plants that need less water, a larger part of the cone is glazed, decreasing the porous surface of the terra-cotta and slowing down the water-flow. Please Note: A basic set comes with one cone. Typically this is a medium glazed cone, if you would like to receive a different cone please make sure to select the correct option below. Different cones are also seperate available. 


  • Material:

    Glass bulb and terra-cotta cone 

  • Dimension:

    Glass bulb: Ø 11 cm and cone: 11 cm. 

  • Brand:

    House of Thol  

  • Designer:

    Thomas Linssen and Jana Flohr  

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  • € 35,- (tax incl.)