An A4 sized piece of leather folded into a wallet. This idea stood at the basis of the collection of Ferry Meewisse and is very characteristic for his way of working. An eye for coincidence and unexpected practical solutions in an idea. They led to a whole new type of wallets.Collection frrry started in 2002 and has developed ever since. Starting with experimental geometrical folding bags and growing towards bags that just look like using. The ideas are often about the construction of bags. Ferry like experimenting with that and do so on an ever stronger basis of technical knowledge and experience. Every year he launch a few new designs, but this does not coincide with the seasons. The work is much more a personal story and has little to do with trends. Many of the designs stay with them for many years. And with the customers too.For the products Ferry search for new and better materials endlessly. Usually he end up with materials that do not look spectacular at first sight, but materials that feel good, that age beautifully and that are produced in a sustainable way.frrry is a really small company where bags are made with lots of attention and care. The products leave Utrecht for a small group of international fans, people who appreciate the thoroughly designed and renewing products.