Kiki van Eijk was born in 1978 and graduated with distinction from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2000. She got well-known for her famous “Kiki Carpet”.Now she’s mainly working on her own collection which is presented world-wide in galleries and museums in London, Paris, New York, Milan, Cologne, Venice, Dubai, Tokio, Montreal, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Nieuw Rhoden, Brussels etc.  Apart from her own collection she engages in projects for companies and institutions such as Studio Edelkoort Paris, Design Academy Eindhoven, HAANS, MOOOI, Ahrend, Royal Leerdam, Lebesque, City of Eindhoven, Verardo, Wooninc., Forbo flooring and many more. For the last two years she has also been the art director of the design academy restaurant “de Witte Tafel”.Her work is being published and sold world-wide. Her work has a very personal and emotional nature. Kiki loves stories. Her early sketches could easily have served to illustrate the imaginative stories of Mary Poppins or Alice in Wonderland. Kiki finds her inspiration in everyday beautiful objects and details and has become a collector, mainly ‘in her head'. She isn’t looking for these objects; she just finds them, ‘meeting’ them, as it were. They have all been made with love and care. She hopes people will fall as much in love with her designs as she did when she found these original objects. Kiki’s work is easy to recognize by the mild and playful design. Photography: Koos Breukel.