Pico Pao is a workshop with a long history of craftsmanship that began in 1979 in Lubián, a small Spanish village nestled in the mountains on the border with Portugal. In the neighboring Portuguese county of Tras os Montes (“Beyond the Mountains”) the local woodpecker is known as Pico Pao (“Stick-Beak”). The song of this handsome green bird, which evokes the whinnying of a horse, alterna tes with the sound of his pecking at the trees as this resounds through the valley, blending in with the carpenters’ hammers as they work on the wooden roofs of the village houses. The old dwelling where the workshop originated offers a view of the entire valley, with wisps of smoke rising from the chimney tops and where every so often a Pico Pao can be seen flying gracefully towards the chestnut forests.


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