chp…? was established as Chi ha paura…? in 1996.Designer and co-founder of Droog Design Gijs Bakker from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and gallery owner Marijke Vallanzasca from Padova, Italy set up the foundation, wanting to show the world that by producing conceptual design jewelry, a good piece of jewelry is more than a decorative accessory. For chp…? originality of the concept is central to the design and is supported by a fitting choice of material and technology. 
By showing that jewelry design evolves just like any other design discipline CHP fills an existing void by making designer jewelry more widely accessible.chp…? asks well-established designers to invigorate the tradition of jewelry design, while paying particular attention to concept, play, new techniques and materials. By this concentrating more on the preciousness of the idea rather than on the material value of the object.


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